the impact of your reading

Share & discuss

with your friends or team *

Wishing to explore a text? Stumbling on an obscure passage?

Invite your friends in your books, discuss and learn from each other. Want to concentrate back on your reading? Slip out of the debate, you will retrieve the end later, and... reopen it!

New: also available for DRM-protected ebooks!

Retrieve & reuse

your notes and those of your friends

Wondering “Where did I read this quote” or “How to improve my bibliography section” ?

Mantano Cloud keeps track of all your reading, annotations, discussions and all the stuff you friends have shared with you. You can draw from it and easily find a specific passage of a book, create reading notes or multi-book syntheses on a specific topic.

Switch freely

between your devices *

You read on your smartphone, your tablet and your PC?

Switch between them and go on reading! But that's not all! You also get your books, annotations, notes, collections, tags, ratings, bookmarks, discussions, contacts along with you, in their most recent state.

New: also available for DRM-protected ebooks!

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Mantano Reader

The best ebook reader on the market: user friendly, powerful, fast, highly customizable, this book reader provides unprecedented flexibility, speed and reading comfort.

Mantano Capture

Upload directly into your Mantano Cloud personal library all the interesting PDF and EPUB documents that you find on the Web. Retrieve them later on your tablet or smartphone. Mantano Capture is the simplest way to feed your library. Upload to your secured storage, tag and classify in one simple operation:

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